There are a lot of sites that offer stats, player profiles, and history.  One of my favorite things about baseball is its rich history and endless information.  Here are some of my favorite websites if you want to do more research. – An endless well of baseball information.  Have you wondered how we can describe any game batter-by-batter? Baseball reference has every box score since 1908. Ever wonder how the Mets came back in game 6 in 1986? Or trying to remember the crazy events leading up to David Freese’s heroics for St. Louis? Baseball Reference. Click on “MLB Scores” and it’s right there for you: “MLB box scores since 1908.”

Additionally, aside from getting stats on any player you want in history, there are tons of research tools that other sites don’t have.  Lots of options to look for statistical leaders, streaks, postseason insight, and current events.  A baseball fan can get lost here for hours. – A site the offers more than just stats.  The Society for American Baseball Research was formed in the early 70’s with the distinct mission to preserve the history of our past time.

“Sabermetrics,” the heart of the advanced analytics movement currently sweeping through professional baseball, was named after this organization by Bill James. You’ll find information about current events like conferences.  Here, words like “statcast” and “weighted” are welcome and celebrated.  Also, for many (though far from all) players from days’ past, you’ll find full descriptive profiles of their background and history rather than just a page of stats. – another site that has grown with the rise of advanced metrics, fangraphs is like baseball reference but for the modern fan.  There’s more emphasis on sabermetrics.  Here you’ll find lots of in-depth articles, especially for fantasy baseball, that breakdown players to a granular level.  They offer lots of tools (once you sign up for a free account) for creating player lists for side by side comparisons, which you can download in Excel and other formats.  For any fantasy baseball enthusiast, this site is a must. – Another site that offers a long history of box scores and seasons. A little light on the bells and whistles, but sometimes that’s good if you just want the information.  Recommended for simple research.  Has directories for players, seasons, franchises, ballparks, and more. – This might seem an obvious one, but for anyone looking to understand what’s happening in the game today, might as well check out the game’s current website.  Tons of information, articles, statistics, and video from the great game of today.



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