The Lure of the Triple

Like a Siren on a rock, the Triple woos me with her beauty. Last night at my weekly softball game, I could not resist her Song. With a runner on first and one out, our beer league team getting a heavy beat down of 9 - 0, I came to the plate with a chance … Continue reading The Lure of the Triple

“If the Season Ended Today”

We start to hear that phrase every year at this time. We also hear all about the "dog days" and how this is the part of the season that can drag on for teams, players and fans. So, screw it, season over! Let's just get to the postseason... AL Wild Card: Congrats to Seattle for … Continue reading “If the Season Ended Today”


I've been working on my Top 25 hitters, I promise! I've had some time setbacks that have added some unexpected delays. First and foremost, I have a 7-month-old son who found his crawl. I've spent this weekend re arranging / baby proofing the main room he explores. It's amazing and terrifying to see him use … Continue reading Progress!

Past Time: Walter “The Big Train” Johnson

On August 2, 1907, a great disturbance was felt by all Major League hitters. Ty Cobb said this of Walter Johnson, the 19-year-old rookie who debuted that day: "The first time I faced him, I watched him take that easy windup. And then something went past me that made me flinch. The thing just hissed … Continue reading Past Time: Walter “The Big Train” Johnson

Gray Expectations: Sonny Gray to the Yankees

Sonny Gray has joined the New York Yankees, where expectations are always high. With the waiver deadline fast approaching, the Yankees and Athletics pulled the trigger. In one of those rare deals that appears on the surface to be a win for both sides, the Oakland Athletics have parted ways with their 27-year-old starter.  They … Continue reading Gray Expectations: Sonny Gray to the Yankees

Sounds of the Game

Ahh, the crack of the bat, the roar of the crowd, the pop of the mitt.. Nope, wrong article. I’m talking about the other sounds of the game. The songs we (or maybe just I) associate with the game. Baseball has always been tied to music. What other sport takes a break to sing a … Continue reading Sounds of the Game

Past Time: Hank Aaron, Vin Scully, and Triple Crown Cobb

Hank's last hurrah: On July 20, 1976 -- 41 years ago today -- the great Hank Aaron hit the final home run of his career, number 755.  This total was of course the highest total at the time, as he had surpassed the immortal Babe Ruth just two seasons earlier. Aaron's career was one of the … Continue reading Past Time: Hank Aaron, Vin Scully, and Triple Crown Cobb

Segura’s Shortstop Chops Stops ‘Stros

Say that three times fast... In fact, say it once each for the three incredible plays Jean Segura made last night to keep his team in the game. With the score tied at 7, the Astros opened up the bottom of the ninth with a double by Josh Reddick.  With Reddick in scoring position and … Continue reading Segura’s Shortstop Chops Stops ‘Stros

Past Time: Hitter’s Paradise — Cobb, Mays, and Donnie Baseball

On July 18th: 1927: Ty Cobb doubled for his 4,000th hit.  He, of course, is only one of two men to ever reach the 4,000 threshold along with Pete Rose. Cobb got the hit off of Sam Gibson of the Tigers, his former teammate. Cobb had played for the Tigers for the previous 22 seasons, but … Continue reading Past Time: Hitter’s Paradise — Cobb, Mays, and Donnie Baseball