The Honorable Mentions, Part II

The list of hitters that didn't make my top 25 of the free agent era continues. In case you missed my first group of ten, you can find it here: In the group of ten batters below, we have several more that truly deserved it, or will deserve it someday.  Let's start with a mighty … Continue reading The Honorable Mentions, Part II


I've been working on my Top 25 hitters, I promise! I've had some time setbacks that have added some unexpected delays. First and foremost, I have a 7-month-old son who found his crawl. I've spent this weekend re arranging / baby proofing the main room he explores. It's amazing and terrifying to see him use … Continue reading Progress!

My Son’s First Baseball Game!

The Friday before Father's Day, my wife surprised me with tickets to the Yankees-A's game.  That night we went to the Oakland Coliseum to take in the game. But the significance of this particular game cannot be understated, as we took our son Ezekiel to his first ever ballgame, on my first ever Father's Day! … Continue reading My Son’s First Baseball Game!