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The Wily Waiver: Week of 4/16

Exciting times! The Leadoff Batter has long wanted to step into the world of Fantasy Baseball, as we are Fantasy Baseball enthusiasts. I enjoy sifting through players with a comb, looking for some hidden sparklers that are right there for… Read More ›

Opening Day 2018!

It’s the color. The brilliant blue sky towers over a canvas of green.  Smooth brown infields with pristine chalk baselines serve as barriers on a plateau of the divine.  The lines stretch across the great outfield, some marked by a grid… Read More ›

Five Random Facts

With the season about six weeks away, and teams reporting in full, we are starting to feel baseball fever creeping in.  We’ve seen major signings in the last few days, including J.D. Martinez finally (and inevitably) signing with the Red… Read More ›