2017 Season: Chaos and Excitement as the Home Stretch is Upon Us.

JD Martinez hit four homers tonight. The Diamondbacks just won their 11th straight. The Indians have already asked someone to hold their beer and have won 12¬†straight. The Dodgers, seemingly invincible just two weeks ago, have dropped 9 of 10. Giancarlo Stanton is hitting anything he wants out of the ballpark. There only two division … Continue reading 2017 Season: Chaos and Excitement as the Home Stretch is Upon Us.

Letter to EJ – How We Followed Baseball

Hey little man. Baseball is pretty great, right? I know your Mom and Dad have already taken you to a game, you even saw an Aaron Judge home run before me. By the time you're in high school, he'll obviously be the home-run king, so that's pretty cool. Anyway, its pretty easy for you to … Continue reading Letter to EJ – How We Followed Baseball

The Lure of the Triple

Like a Siren on a rock, the Triple woos me with her beauty. Last night at my weekly softball game, I could not resist her Song. With a runner on first and one out, our beer league team getting a heavy beat down of 9 - 0, I came to the plate with a chance … Continue reading The Lure of the Triple

Gray Expectations: Sonny Gray to the Yankees

Sonny Gray has joined the New York Yankees, where expectations are always high. With the waiver deadline fast approaching, the Yankees and Athletics pulled the trigger. In one of those rare deals that appears on the surface to be a win for both sides, the Oakland Athletics have parted ways with their 27-year-old starter.¬† They … Continue reading Gray Expectations: Sonny Gray to the Yankees

Segura’s Shortstop Chops Stops ‘Stros

Say that three times fast... In fact, say it once each for the three incredible plays Jean Segura made last night to keep his team in the game. With the score tied at 7, the Astros opened up the bottom of the ninth with a double by Josh Reddick.¬† With Reddick in scoring position and … Continue reading Segura’s Shortstop Chops Stops ‘Stros

Bring on the Second Half!

With the All-Star Game behind us, it's time to get back to the race.  I always love that before the mid-summer's classic, it feels like teams are just churning it out, winning games as much as possible for that future result. After the All-Star Game however, the season feels more like a downhill run.  There's … Continue reading Bring on the Second Half!

The New Faces of Baseball

If you're a casual fan of baseball, or maybe you've lost touch since the scandals and bad juju of the steroid era, I invite you to check out the All-Star Game tonight. Major League Baseball is chock full of young talent with likeable personalities. This new crop is fun to watch. Names like Carlos Correa, … Continue reading The New Faces of Baseball