As a child, I had an uncle who referred to his four nephews as “three nephews and a newspaper with shoes.”

I was that newspaper with shoes.

From the time I could understand a box score, which was very early, I was absolutely riveted by baseball box scores.  I find that there are stories in every single one of them.  Just looking at the runs per inning, the hits per batter, the pitching lines, the team totals. Numbers numbers!

Playing the game was much more fun, of course.  But as that well dried up, my affinity for the numbers side of the game boomeranged back with a vengeance.  First, as a fantasy baseball nut.  And now, as a baseball blogger.

I’ll explore many flavors of baseball in this blog. The great history and the rare moments. The forgotten greats. The fantasy baseball landscape. Other baseball personalities who’ve touched our lives but may have never touched the field. I greatly enjoy the ever-evolving ways to look at the game, to gather the numbers and form conclusions.  Traditional stats versus advanced stats: I find value in both and adore discussing this.

I was a leadoff hitter my whole life: In Little League, in Babe Ruth, in high school ball. I loved doing my best to get on base, to steal, to score. I find that the double is the sexiest stat in the game. Don’t ask me why, I couldn’t tell you.

So it only seemed fitting that my blog match my on-the-field identity. ┬áLet’s run out some singles, steal some bags, hustle out some runs. ┬áLet’s slide into home, beat the tag, get dirty and start this game off right.

Welcome to The Leadoff Batter.

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