A New Frontier

It’s been awhile.

Four months, to be precise.

Life has happened abruptly, swiftly, and necessarily for The Leadoff Batter. New job, new town, overall life adjustments.

For awhile now, I’ve wrestled with what I wanted to do for this site. Baseball history lights me up, but I’m finding it difficult to find time for the research for the articles I’ve wanted to deliver to you.

There is one thing that I do research, though. Passionately, I might add. And that’s fantasy baseball.

So, I’ve decided to shift my focus primarily to fantasy baseball. I love baseball nostalgia, but the interest just isn’t there. And I spend much more of time time researching prospects and building my fantasy dynasty than any other hobby. So why not share what I’ve learned.

All the articles I’ve ever written will remain on this website. I’m proud of them. But if you know someone who like fantasy baseball, who has a keeper league or who wants to know who that prospect is that no one is talking about… you tell them about the leadoff batter. You let them know you know a guy.

Because I’ve got the knowledge and the experience to help people build fantasy dynasties. And it’s all coming soon.

With sadness, I retire the phrase “The Leadoff Batter: First Up For Baseball Nostalgia.”

Welcome to a new frontier: “The Leadoff Batter: Fantasy Baseball. Build your Dynasty.”

I look forward to writing again with newfound inspiration.

Stay tuned, fantasy baseball addicts.

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