I’ve been working on my Top 25 hitters, I promise! I’ve had some time setbacks that have added some unexpected delays.

First and foremost, I have a 7-month-old son who found his crawl. I’ve spent this weekend re arranging / baby proofing the main room he explores. It’s amazing and terrifying to see him use his little elbows and knees to shimmy along.

He’s like “oooo a WIRE! What happens when I pull on it!?”

So yes, blogging took a back seat.

Also had a mental error and closed the wrong browser, losing about an hour of work and research. That’ll take the wind out of you.

Finally, I’m having changes of heart at who deserves to make it and who doesn’t. I read articles that convince me a player deserves credit, while some other factor convinces he’s a step below Player X. 

I hope to release my 20 who don’t make the cut this week. Thank you for your patience.

In the meantime, enjoy the pennant races. This is where the games start to whisper of a playoff feel, and a head to head matchup between contenders is a monstrous 2 game swing. 

Stay tuned. Baseball Fever is still alive and well at The Leadoff Batter. 

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