Segura’s Shortstop Chops Stops ‘Stros

Say that three times fast…

In fact, say it once each for the three incredible plays Jean Segura made last night to keep his team in the game.

With the score tied at 7, the Astros opened up the bottom of the ninth with a double by Josh Reddick.  With Reddick in scoring position and none out, a Houston victory was nearly at hand.  But Jean Segura had other ideas.

Next up was Marwin Gonzalez, who chopped a grounder to Segura’s right.  Segura makes a fantastic dive to field the ball, and than throws back across his body to get the out at first.  If that ball gets through, Reddick likely scores and the game is over.  On top of that, Segura was still able to record the out, otherwise it’s runners at the corners, still with no one out.

But this was just the first of three great plays.

After Yuri Gurriel was intentionally walked and stole second, Norichika Aoki again bounced to Segura.  This time, with the infield drawn in, Segura fielded it cleanly and fired a strike to catcher Mike Zunino at the plate, nailing Reddick.

Now with two outs and runners at the corners again, the M’s elected to walk Brian McCann intentionally, loading the bases for Alex Bregman. Bregman hit another bouncing grounder to the hole between third base and shortstop.  This one was deeper and slower than the previous two, but there again was Segura.  He backhanded and fired to second, narrowly beating McCann to retire the side.

Seattle would homer twice in the top of the 10th, prevailing 9 – 7.

All three of these plays are equally impressive to me for their own reasons.  The play at the plate seems “the easiest,” but to field a grounder while drawn in, and then give Zunino every chance to make the tag but putting the ball right in his glove is key.

Which one do you like best?  Take a look, below.

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