My Son’s First Baseball Game!

The Friday before Father’s Day, my wife surprised me with tickets to the Yankees-A’s game.  That night we went to the Oakland Coliseum to take in the game.

But the significance of this particular game cannot be understated, as we took our son Ezekiel to his first ever ballgame, on my first ever Father’s Day! Being a Yankees fan, she also had adorned him in his first Yankees hat as part of the gift and had him hand me the tickets. It was an awesome surprise.

The game itself was a wild one with a few lead changes. Unfortunately, the Yankees ended up on the downside and lost 7 – 6. But we had a great time, and got to see Yankees sensation Aaron Judge blast a 3-run homer to right.  The crowd went so crazy, poor little Ezekiel freaked out for a moment, but quickly regained his good mood.

We were able to obtain his “My First Game” certificate from the Coliseum’s Guest Services. They were very kind to us despite being decked out in Yankees gear.  I’d like to thank the A’s and the good fans of section 213.  There was a lot of competitive back-and-forth but it was all in good fun with a lot of laughs.

Thanks to my wife and son, it was a wonderful first Father’s Day!


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