Sounds of the Game

Ahh, the crack of the bat, the roar of the crowd, the pop of the mitt.. Nope, wrong article. I’m talking about the other sounds of the game. The songs we (or maybe just I) associate with the game. Baseball has always been tied to music. What other sport takes a break to sing a … Continue reading Sounds of the Game

Past Time: Hank Aaron, Vin Scully, and Triple Crown Cobb

Hank's last hurrah: On July 20, 1976 -- 41 years ago today -- the great Hank Aaron hit the final home run of his career, number 755.  This total was of course the highest total at the time, as he had surpassed the immortal Babe Ruth just two seasons earlier. Aaron's career was one of the … Continue reading Past Time: Hank Aaron, Vin Scully, and Triple Crown Cobb

Segura’s Shortstop Chops Stops ‘Stros

Say that three times fast... In fact, say it once each for the three incredible plays Jean Segura made last night to keep his team in the game. With the score tied at 7, the Astros opened up the bottom of the ninth with a double by Josh Reddick.  With Reddick in scoring position and … Continue reading Segura’s Shortstop Chops Stops ‘Stros

Past Time: Hitter’s Paradise — Cobb, Mays, and Donnie Baseball

On July 18th: 1927: Ty Cobb doubled for his 4,000th hit.  He, of course, is only one of two men to ever reach the 4,000 threshold along with Pete Rose. Cobb got the hit off of Sam Gibson of the Tigers, his former teammate. Cobb had played for the Tigers for the previous 22 seasons, but … Continue reading Past Time: Hitter’s Paradise — Cobb, Mays, and Donnie Baseball

Coming Soon: The 25 Best Hitters of the Free Agent Era

This is the post I've been waiting to unleash on the world. Over the next several weeks, I will post one to two blogs a week dedicated to a single countdown: The 25 Best Hitters of the Free Agent Era. Why the time constraint, you ask? Well, I believe that baseball from the 1920's is … Continue reading Coming Soon: The 25 Best Hitters of the Free Agent Era

Bring on the Second Half!

With the All-Star Game behind us, it's time to get back to the race.  I always love that before the mid-summer's classic, it feels like teams are just churning it out, winning games as much as possible for that future result. After the All-Star Game however, the season feels more like a downhill run.  There's … Continue reading Bring on the Second Half!

The New Faces of Baseball

If you're a casual fan of baseball, or maybe you've lost touch since the scandals and bad juju of the steroid era, I invite you to check out the All-Star Game tonight. Major League Baseball is chock full of young talent with likeable personalities. This new crop is fun to watch. Names like Carlos Correa, … Continue reading The New Faces of Baseball

My Son’s First Baseball Game!

The Friday before Father's Day, my wife surprised me with tickets to the Yankees-A's game.  That night we went to the Oakland Coliseum to take in the game. But the significance of this particular game cannot be understated, as we took our son Ezekiel to his first ever ballgame, on my first ever Father's Day! … Continue reading My Son’s First Baseball Game!

The Swing of Dreams

It's more rare than the no-hitter. It's been done less times than the perfect game. In fact, it's just as rare as the unofficial "rarest play" in baseball -- the unassisted triple play -- happening only 15 times in the history of recorded Major League Baseball. I call it... The Swing of Dreams. So what … Continue reading The Swing of Dreams